Barn Rules at Stonesthrow Arena & Stable

Please read carefully. The barn rules can and will be amended periodically as needed.

All boarders and anyone using the Arena & Stable facilities will be required to sign a paper version of these rules.

  1. Release and Hold Harmless Agreement: Every person who comes onto the Stonesthrow property must immediately sign a Release and Hold Harmless Agreement.  Boarders are responsible for ensuring their guests sign.  Only a parent or legal guardian can sign for a minor.  Forms are available in a display box near the bulletin board.  Read thoroughly and after signing leave pinned to bulletin board.

  2. Barn hours: 7am to 9pm. Exceptions made for horses/individuals departing to and/or returning from horse activities or with prior arrangements made with stable management.

  3. Posted rules: Posted rules are to be followed by boarders and guests for use of entire premises, including but not limited to the arena, round pens and turnouts.

  4. Alcohol and illegal drugs: Under no circumstance are alcohol or illegal substances permitted on premises. Individuals under the influence will be asked to leave and/or be removed from premises.

  5. Dogs: No dogs are allowed on premises, not even in vehicles. My dogs live here, yours do not. If the mobile home tenant has a dog, it will remain on designated mobile home site.

  6. Smoking: No smoking on premises – anywhere. The mobile home is just that – someone’s home. Should the tenant choose to smoke on their designated home property, that’s their business. The tenant also abides by all barn rules when on designated barn property.

  7. Footwear: No opened-toed shoes are to be worn anywhere at anytime on premises. Please advise your guests of the policy prior to their arrival at Stonesthrow.

  8. Orchards: Filbert orchards are off limits to horse activities. The orchards are private property and are not to be trespassed upon.

  9. Minors: Children will be closely supervised by and remain with a responsible adult at all times. Understand, children who are not participating in horse-related activities are not considered adequately supervised when the responsible adult is riding and/or working with a horse.

  10. Lights and Locks: All boarders are responsible for turning off applicable lights when leaving area (tack and feed rooms, grooming area, outside light by grooming area, round pens, wash rack, etc). The last person leaving the barn is responsible for ensuring all lights  are turned off and tack room is locked.

  11. Haul-in: At time of arrival, before unloading, all horses hauled in to use facility will show record of Stonesthrow required vaccines to Stable management and pay a daily $5.00 haul-in fee per horse.

  12. Professional Services Providers: Owner will advise Stable management of any/all appointments made with service providers (vets, farriers, etc.). Management reserves the right to turn away service provider if owner is not present for appointment. Owner will either attend horse personally or make prior arrangements for Stable management to attend.  A $10.00 holding fee per horse will apply.

  13. Outside trainers/instructors: There is a specific contract that must be agreed upon between Stable, boarder and trainer/instructor prior to any paid trainer/instructor being brought into the barn for private lessons. Should it become known to Stable management that a professional trainer is operating on premises without this contract, boarder will be given 72-hour termination notice of their boarding contract.

  14. Leasing: Also, there is a specific contract that must be agreed upon between Stable, lessor and lessee prior to any private lease agreement being executed. Should it become known to Stable management that a lease is in effect, whether verbal, written, for compensation or not, boarder will be given 72 hour termination notice of their boarding contract.

  15. Equipment: You are welcome to use stable equipment provided it is returned to its proper place when you are finished. This does not include motorized vehicles.  Self-care boarders are required to provide their own water buckets and stall fork.  

  16. Cleanliness: Please work with the Stable to keep the premises attractive and welcoming. Picking up as needed and reporting safety issues is expected of each boarder and/or guest. Arena and round pen, aisle ways, shower rack, grooming area, feed room and tack room are areas of particular concern and are to be left cleaner than you found them.

  17. Water hoses: The entire property is serviced by one well. Fill water tubs as needed, removing hose from tub when finished. A $50.00 fine per incident will apply if water hoses are found running unattended.

  18. Parking: Parking is to be north of the barn (think orchard). No vehicles are to be parked in front of barn with the exception of trailers loading and unloading and are to be moved as soon as possible. As a fire safety precaution, trailers are to be parked as far north on the driveway and away from the barn as possible. Please advise guests to use boarder’s driveway, not facility owners’ private driveway.

  19. Trailers: Parking your trailer on Stonesthrow premises is a privilege, not a right. Please discuss with Stable management the availability before parking your trailer for long term storage.
  20.  HelmetsAll riders are to wear an ASTM/SEI equestrian helmet.


I have read and understand each of the above rules as stated.
I will abide by them to the best of my ability.
I will also make my guests aware of the above state/posted barn rules.

Please call me, Carrie, for an appointment.
I’d like the opportunity to meet with you and show you our operation.

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